Natalie「2U」 interview translation

Bold are Yuya’s answers

This is Matsushita-san’s first appearance after 8 months since the release of 「I AM ME」’s interview. Lately you’ve been releasing lots of singles, done some acting, and you seem to be constantly moving forward. To be frank, is it hectic for you?

Yes. I think I had some deep reflection within these 8 months to a year. Although I was busy for the whole of last year, it turned to be rather a fulfilling year. 

So there were no off-days?

I did have a little break time last year after my tour that lasted from summer to autumn. Until then, I don’t remember when I rested the last (laughs). I’ve been filming hiru-dora earnestly, recording music, more drama, some more music…. There were short periods of sleep between those

With this album completed within those days, how did you feel when you listened to the completed album?

Undoubtedly when I listened the first time, I felt the tunes had upgraded in skills. We took our time to carefully put together one piece by one piece, aided by some new experiences I’ve collected or the different types of approaches I’ve remembered. I had a lot of input too, making the whole presentation to be broadly expressed.

Specifically, what kind of growth did you feel?

The things I want to express have not changed from the past, but I always felt that the way I convert and output those thoughts weren’t good enough. For example, you just don’t sing a song the way it is, or put a rule to how it is supposed to be, but I realised that the approach should come from your own versatility. On the contrary, I have too also response  to producer’s expectations with the way they want it to be. 

So I guess that is what Matsushita-san means by one as their own ways of approaching

That’s right. Comparing from the time of my debut, there are more people who are supporting me now and even know my name. But even then, I still feel like there are a lot of messages I can’t deliver with my music. So with this one album, I want it to represent itself as “Matsushita Yuya” to everyone. That’s why it cannot be from a single orientation, but from various approaches.

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