Beloved Yuya Biography

* Born May 24, 1990 (age 21)
* Kobe native
* Height: 180cm / Weight: 60kg
* Blood type: A
* Favorite artists: Michael Jackson, Kanye West, John Legend, Pharrell Williams/N*E*R*D, etc
* Interests: watching movies, fashion

* Born in Kobe on May 24, 1990, Yuya Matsushita was raised by his mother and grandmother. As a sixth grader in 2002, Matsushita decided to pursue a career in music, enrolling in Caless Vocal & Dance School. Around 9th grade, despite clashing with his mother regarding his future plans, a visit to New York City strengthened his determination to become an artist. He met with producer Jin Nakamura who presented him with the song “foolish foolish”. The filming for the single also took place in New York, after being signed to Epic Records.

* In 2009, Yuya Matsushita had his stage debut as Sebastian Michaelis in the Kuroshitsuji Musical. His single, Trust Me was used as the first ED (ending theme) in the Durarara anime, and peaked at 10 in the weekly Oricon charts.

* In 2010, Matsushita’s single “Bird” was used as the ending theme for the second season of the Kuroshitsuji anime.

* In 2011, his single “Paradise” was used as the theme song for the drama Quartet. He was announced as the first guest for MusicFest at FanimeCon.

1st-2008.11.26-foolish foolish
2nd-2009.01.28-LAST SNOW
3rd-2009.08.26-Honesty/Negai ga kanau nara…)
3.5-2009.12.??-Koe Ni Naranakute
4th-2010.02.17-Trust Me
6th-2010.08.25-Bird/4 Seasons
9th-2011.08.24-Super Drive

10th-2012.01.25 –キミへのラブソング~10年先も~ (Kimi E No Love Song ~10 Nen Saki Mo~)
1st-2010.06.02-I Am Me

2nd-2012.02.22– 2U
1st-2010.06.08-I Am Me (Korean Version)
2nd-2010.10.08-Bird/4 Seasons (Taiwan Version)

cr: Matsushita_u @ LJ



Year Title
2009 悲しいボーイフレンド (Kanashii Boyfriend)
2010 時をかける少女 (Toki O Kakeru Shoujo)
2012 ヒカリ、その先へ (Hikari, Sono Saki E)


Year Title
2009 音楽舞闘会『黒執事』-その執事、友好- (Black Butler Musical-His Butler, Friendship)
2010 ミュージカル「黒執事」-The Most Beautiful DEATH in The World- 千の魂と堕ちた死神 (Black Butler Musical-The Most Beautiful Death In The World, A Thousand Souls And The Fallen Grim Reaper)


Year Title
2011 カルテット (Quartet)
2011 明日の光をつかめ2 (Asu No Hikari Wo Tsukame 2)


Year Title
2012 ポポンSプラス (Pop-On S Plus)

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