Dream Boy

Nathan adalah seorang yang cerdas, tapi pemalu, anak remaja, yang ingin melarikan diri dari pelecehan dan kekerasan ayah dan fantasizes tentang hubungan dengan Roy, anak yang tinggal di sebelah rumah.Roy adalah senior di SMA yang sama seperti Nathan, dan dia drive bus sekolah. Perlahan-lahan anak-anak mulai berbicara tentang hubungan mereka yang menjadi hubungan yang sangat dalam. Anak laki-laki menyatakan cinta mereka satu sama lain, pertama di kuburan, kemudian di bus, di sebuah tenda, di kamar Nathan, dan akhirnya di rumah kosong, di mana mereka ditemukan oleh teman-teman Roy Randy dan Burke. hingga bencana menimpa mereka berdua. akankah mereka dapat menghadapi cobaan tersebut?

Judul : Dream Boy
Genre : Romance, Yaoi, Ordinary Life, Sweet Story
Status : Complete
Yaoi Meter : ♥♥♥♥
Total Part : 10
Format Video : AVI
Subtitle : Bahasa Inggris
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[Movie] Takumi-kun series 2~ Nijiro no garasu(2009)

The boys love adventure of high-school love birds Gii and Takumi continues in this second installment of the live-action adaptation that is Goto Shinobu’s light yaoi series. The cast has changed, but the tales of romance, friendship, and all that angst at an all-boys boarding school remains the same.

Hamao Kyousuke and Wantanabe Daisuke replace both Yanagashita Tomo and Kato Keisuke in the leading roles, as Takumi (Hamao) becomes self-conscious about his relationship with Gii (Daisuke) and questions if the other is bored with him due to Gii’s interest in the first-year student named Morita. Cue the angst, tragedy and drama.

There are some subtle changes in the film; such as locations and casting, and one big difference is the chemistry between Hamao and Daisuke, especially in their ’bed scene’ and kiss scenes. A far step forward from Tomo’s and Kato’s ‘not-actually-kissing-but-camera-can-fake-it kiss’.

I can’t wait for the fourth film due for release this month.

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[ 2 clips] Music Station Super Live 2009 NEWS part + SCP Yamapi’s concert footage ft. toma

“Music Station Super Live 2009” 25 Dec 2009 NEWS talk & “Koi no ABO”
Size: 77 MB
Length: 3 mins 52 secs
Starring: NEWS
Highlights: Massu seems to have stolen the reindeer hat that Shige usually wears.
Softsubs: http://www.mediafire.com/?lgjemkdjzgl
– Hardsubbed version –
Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?2vzginyidnm
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[Shounen Club] 13 Nov 2005 Producer: Massu, Theme: Smile (full episode)

“The Shounen Club” (13 Nov, 2005) Producer: Masuda Takahisa, Theme: Smile (full episode)
Length: 52 mins 59 secs
Size: 575 MB
Starring: NEWS (with Kusano), baby Hey!Say!JUMP, Kame & Koki & Nakamaru (KAT-TUN), ABC, Kis-My-Ft
Highlights: Someone should make Yamapi re-watch this episode & see how handsome he used to be – and hopefully make him want to go back to his old handsome hairstyles instead of perming his hair to smithereens! Kusano seems to enjoy teasing Shige and I think Ryo gets jealous of Kusano in the very final song & decides to act like he’s with Tegoshi to try to get back at Yamapi for ignoring him! (I’ve noticed this a lot lately, but Ryo seems to be really possessive of Pi and not like to share him. Could someone please get Ryo a long-term girlfriend so he doesn’t always act so clingy to the few people he’s opened his heart to!?) Massu’s dancing reminds me of MC Hammer but is fabulous nonetheless (and it’s probably the only time I’ve ever thought of him as being sexy!) The game part is Who is Mr. X with Kame doing a special video message as Mr. X’s friend. Yamapi’s solo songs are always lovely to listen to & I like the lyrics he writes because they’re so positive (unless they’re in English, in which case they’re sex crazy nonsense! Case in point: MOLA…!!)
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