[10.11.17][Interview] The original idol Shinhwa, Shin Hyesung and Eric are back!

The celebrity the BGM chose, the music they recommend
Star BGM

The original idol Shinhwa
Shin Hyesung and Eric are back!
“Of course being active is important, but I believe that teamwork among the members is the most important. You have to talk with each other endlessly and solve problems together to keep the team together for a long time.”

Hello to all Cyworld members!

Hello everyone, this is Shin Hyesung. For the first time in a long time I’m releasing a digital single album, and I am happy to see everyone. Although the weather is now getting colder, I hope you have a warm winter listening to my songs.

Hello Cyworld members, this is Eric. It’s been a long time, and I’m happy to see you. Now that the weather is getting colder, please be careful of colds and take care of your health.

How the two got together for the project, and an introduction of the new song <Hello and Goodbye>
>Shin Hyesung
The date for the album release and Eric’s release from the military came together, so I came up with the idea of working together and he said he would help me. He was probably very busy at the time, but I am thankful that the first thing he did was help me with this project.

The digital single ‘Hello and Goodbye’ is a song from one of the best composers, Kim Kunwoo, and writer Kang Eunkyung. It has sad lyrics which tell a love story starting with ‘Hello’ and ending with ‘Goodbye,’ with a medium tempo ballad song contrary to the sadness of the lyrics. I believe it is a song that goes well with winter. Also, Eric’s rap made the song even better.

What Shin Hyesung and Eric did during their hiatus
>Shin Hyesung
In June I met my overseas fans with my Japan concert, and my Asia promotion fanmeeting in China, Taiwan, and Thailand. I sang for the OST of [A Better Tomorrow] in Korea, and recently I am busy working on the digital single, preparing for my concert in December, and recording songs for my 4th album to be released next January. I believe with this digital single and the upcoming concert I will now be able to meet Korean fans often.

As you may know, I was released recently from my duties as a public service officer, and spent my time busily looking through scenarios for many pieces. Now I am filming the drama [Poseidon] to be broadcast early next year.

What they feel looking at active idol groups and some advice
When I see idol groups active now, I believe they’re very talented. They can dance and sing, and are expanding their fields to dramas and entertainment shows. Of course being active is important, but I believe that teamwork among the members is the most important. You have to talk with each other endlessly and solve problems together to keep the team together for a long time. I hope they don’t become stars that become famous and then fade away soon but continue to be active for a long time and be loved continuously by the public.

To introduce some plans they have for activities in the future
>Shin Hyesung
With the release of this digital single I will hold a concert in December, and I plan to repay everyone for their long wait by preparing a better performance. This concert is meaningful to me, because the location is where I held my first fanmeeting, and I gave it the title ‘Close to you’ to show that I want to share feelings with my fans. I hope many people are able to come.
Next year I believe I will be able to greet you with my 4th album. I am working hard on it, so please cheer me on, and I hope you like the digital single [Hello and Goodbye]. Thank you.

I’m working hard filming the drama [Poseidon] to be aired early next year. As it is the first drama I am filming after my release, I plan to do my best to repay my fans for their long wait.

Songs Shin Hyesung wishes to recommend to Cyworld members out of his own releases
I want to recommend all of my songs to you, but I especially want to recommend out of my second album [THE BEGINNING, NEW DAYS] the title song ‘First Person’ and also ‘Island.’ From my 3rd SIDE 1 [LIVE AND LET LIVE] album, I want to recommend the title song ‘Because It’s You’ and ‘Love Actually,’ and from my 3rd SIDE 2 [KEEP LEAVES] album, the title song ‘Why Did You Call…’

First, ‘First Person,’ the title song for my 2nd album, contains a sampling of Bach’s ‘Air on the G String,’ and I believe it is a song that let me approach the public more with the release of my second solo album. Also, ‘Island’ is a song by composer VINK(Lim Hyungbin), and I remember how much I liked the song when I first heard it.. We had a lot in common in our thoughts about music, and now we have a strong relationship as musical partners, but I first met him through this song.^^

The next song is the title song for my 3rd SIDE 1 album ‘Because It’s You..’ This song was also written by VINK, and in this album I showcased many different genres I always wanted to try. This song has more meaning because with its ‘british rock’ genre I broke away from the sad ballads I sang before and showed off a new side of my music. ‘Love Actually’ in the same album is a song which VINK not only composed, but participated in with a short rap. I personally like the song because it is a lovely song which expresses its fluttery heart towards a woman met for the first time.

The last is ‘Why Did You Call…,’ the title song from my 3rd SIDE 2 album. Those who liked my sad ballads liked this song also for a long time.. I remember the music video I filmed together with actress Lee Youngah in Sapporo, Japan. We had a hard time in the cold but the music video came out beautifully and went well with the song. I believe it would be good to watch the music video again when listening to the song.

To introduce 5 songs Shin Hyesung listens to the most
>Stevie Wonder – Part time lover
Because it is a famous song, many people probably know it. It is a song that I also listened to from when I was little. I sang it at my concert after rearranging it into a funky rhythm, and it was well received. It is such a great song I believe there is nothing more I can say.

>Jason Mraz – Butterfly
I believe Jason Mraz became famous in Korea because his song was inserted in a TV commercial. I also first heard his song through the TV commercial and began to take interest, and out of his acoustic songs this one fit me the most. It’s pop, but I believe it has a very popular melody, and because of its funky arrangement and performance, I feel it is an exciting song.

>David Foster – White Christmas
There have been many Christmas albums released until now, but I want to recommend David Foster’s ‘White Christmas,’ which is looked up to by many musicians ever since its release in 1995. Even if you listen to it in summer you can feel the warmth of Christmas, so I listen to it all year round.

>Blue Brand Trauma Part 2 – Because of You (Feat. Soulman)
This is a song from the project album [Blue Brand] of composer Kim Kunwoo, who composed ‘Hello.. and Goodbye.’ I heard it by coincidence and it turned out to be Kim Kunwoo’s song. The voice of vocalist Soulman is very catchy, and it will be good to move your body a bit after shrinking from the cold by listening to this exciting hip hop piece.

>Yoo Jaeha – Because I Love You
The person you think of in November.. I believe it is one of those famous songs that don’t even need an introduction. When you listen to this song your heart becomes soft. Many singers did a remake of this song, but the original touches you the most. I believe it is a song fit for autumn while you wait for winter.

Source: Cyworld
Credits: orisic @ shinhwa.biz

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