Beloved Yuya Biography

* Born May 24, 1990 (age 21)
* Kobe native
* Height: 180cm / Weight: 60kg
* Blood type: A
* Favorite artists: Michael Jackson, Kanye West, John Legend, Pharrell Williams/N*E*R*D, etc
* Interests: watching movies, fashion

* Born in Kobe on May 24, 1990, Yuya Matsushita was raised by his mother and grandmother. As a sixth grader in 2002, Matsushita decided to pursue a career in music, enrolling in Caless Vocal & Dance School. Around 9th grade, despite clashing with his mother regarding his future plans, a visit to New York City strengthened his determination to become an artist. He met with producer Jin Nakamura who presented him with the song “foolish foolish”. The filming for the single also took place in New York, after being signed to Epic Records.

* In 2009, Yuya Matsushita had his stage debut as Sebastian Michaelis in the Kuroshitsuji Musical. His single, Trust Me was used as the first ED (ending theme) in the Durarara anime, and peaked at 10 in the weekly Oricon charts.

* In 2010, Matsushita’s single “Bird” was used as the ending theme for the second season of the Kuroshitsuji anime.

* In 2011, his single “Paradise” was used as the theme song for the drama Quartet. He was announced as the first guest for MusicFest at FanimeCon.

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Yuya 2nd Album Release – Nico Nico Special Program

松下優也2ndアルバムリリース記念!”2にこだわった”スペシャル・プログラム – ニコニコ生放送

This is a rip of the special program that aired on Nico Nico Douga on the 22nd Feb 2012. It’s about 50 minutes all up of a sort of interview with Yuya. Continue reading “Yuya 2nd Album Release – Nico Nico Special Program”

Natalie「2U」 interview translation

Bold are Yuya’s answers

This is Matsushita-san’s first appearance after 8 months since the release of 「I AM ME」’s interview. Lately you’ve been releasing lots of singles, done some acting, and you seem to be constantly moving forward. To be frank, is it hectic for you?

Yes. I think I had some deep reflection within these 8 months to a year. Although I was busy for the whole of last year, it turned to be rather a fulfilling year. 
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[Download link] Our Beloved Yuya Matsushita Release Album 2U

01 Theme of 2U
03 Naturally
04 Beautiful Days
06 4 Seasons
07 Paradise
08 Life in the dark
10 Last Dance 06’
11 2 of Us
12 キミへのラブソング〜10年先も〜
13 Bird
14 A Song For You
15 Beauty & Beast
16 Secret Love feat.BRIGHT / SHUN
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